In a male dominated sport Joy Neville has proved there is space for a women to not just partake but excel in the sport on the same level as their male counterparts if given the opportunity. 

It seems hard to believe that in 2018 it's news for there to be a female referee within a male sport. What are the reasons that a woman couldn't referee the game? In order to referee you need to be an expert on the rules, have a level head, be mentally strong and not be easily swayed and last time I checked they weren't qualities that just men could hold.

It has been seen in recent years within football too with Sian Massey-Ellis running the line in the Premier League and seems like it can only get better for women at a high level in sport. As Sian recently said in an interview with Sky Sports 'As long as I keep doing my job, it doesn't matter if I'm a woman or a man' and that's a very difficult point to disagree with. 

If a man can manage the national women's football team why can't a woman referee in the men's Premier League? With the success of many national female teams in recent years, notably the football team reaching the world cup semi-final and the Netball team clinching gold at the Commonwealth Games there is a change in tide in the opinion and perception of female sport and it's pioneers like Neville and Massey-Ellis that are needed in this often male dominated world.