As the world gets ever more digital, and OTT platforms continue to diversify our sports viewing habits an unlikely sport has teamed up with twitter to stream their major competition. 

The International Table Tennis Federation has agreed a partnership live streaming their 2018 challenge series. With a previous stream attracting over 200,000 viewers this new partnership will see the sport reach a much larger audience and can only be a good thing to increase it's following. 

The ITTF aren't the first to explore this avenue though, with a recent streaming deal announced between twitter and Major League Soccer, switching from their previous partnership with facebook to the more targeted platform. 

With MLB and NBA streaming on Facebook and NFL on Amazon surely we've got to expect to see more sports in the future converge with social media platforms when it comes to broadcasting? 

You have to feel it's only a matter of time before Europe catches up with it's American counterparts and thrust it's fans viewing experience into the future.