Within recent years the stacking of empty pint cups creating 'the beer snake' has become as notorious at Twenty20 games as the walk on music or the gung-ho batting displays.  

But Surrey Chief Executive Richard Gould is now looking to scrap all disposable plastic by 2020, meaning the end of the beer snake as we know it! Whilst it's an element of the experience that we are sure will be missed, in 450 years when they are still on the planet in a land fill will it really be worth it? At the Oval alone it accounts for 1.3 million cups meaning their throw away, one use nature is not just a problem, but a critical issue facing sports clubs today as they become ever more conscious of their economic footprint.

The development of plastic use awareness has been evident in another sport this week with the announcement from Tottenham Hotspur that they have pledged to have no single use plastic at their new stadium. The eradication of straws and plastic cutlery along with a commitment over time to phase out plastic bags may see an initial large investment but over time will pay dividends not only to the world we live and work in but also financially for the club. 

Is this a move that we will see across all sporting venues in the future?