Just as we think one of them is the undisputed best player in the world, the other does something so audacious it puts us back to square one. Anything you can do I can do better seems to be the mentality between Messi and Ronaldo, unquestionably the best players of the modern era who single handedly fight it out for the Ballon d'or year on year.

But it seems Messi has taken the fight to the business world too, after a 7 year battle he has won the right to trade mark his name for use on sport goods. Deemed 'too famous' for anyone to confuse Messi with Massi (a Spanish cycling brand) the EU courts ruled that he could use his own name as a trademark arguing his fame counteracts and phonetic or visual similarities between the two.

With his traditional business ventures mainly centred around property this step into the high volume sporting equipment and clothing market can only increase the value of his personal brand. I'd hesitate to say we will see him pushing briefs and aftershave any time soon, but it won't be long before every Sunday league footballer want's a pair of MESSI's on their feet.