Paddy Power is no stranger to a bit of controversy in their marketing. From a photoshopped deforestation stunt for the 2014 World Cup to a Last Supper-style gambling party. 

In an 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' move, the betting giant came clean today on one of their most controversial campaigns yet- easing the worries of animal activists everywhere.

The seemingly disrespectful move to spray paint a St Georges Cross onto a Polar Bear sent twitter into a meltdown less than a week ago and sparked the controversy that PP craves.  Even going as far as to 'confirm' with that the video is real and that they have indeed defaced the animal. 

In true PP style however, today they revealed this was of course a hoax (how would you really get close enough to a polar bear to spray paint it?!) but that they are actually supporting Polar Bears International and have donated a 5 figure sum to help the plight of the animal.

The old saying of 'there's no such thing as bad press' seems to ring true again and again for PP. But it is their skill in touching the right nerve- whilst actually having a heart at the centre of the matter- that really makes them the masters of controversial ambush marketing. Time and time again they successfully take the focus off the event they have leveraged, and onto themselves. 

Hitting the sweet spot over and over for their marketing campaigns must make them the envy of their competitors but it will be safe to say this betting giant won't be stopping any time soon. Having previously focussed on the environment, religion, the blind and now animals no one is safe from this tongue in cheek marketing machine!