Consuming sport is ever-changing, from the birth of OTT platforms like DAZN to the development of club-themed experience centres in the Far East ( clubs, federations and broadcasters are always scrambling to make remote match-day consumption as immersive as it's ever been. But it feels like the match going spectator has been left behind in all of these technological advances. That is until the recent release of 5G. 

Due to this super-fast mobile connection fans in the stadia will, in time, have a host of different options which will improve their match-day experience. The opportunity to see real-time replays of goals/knockouts/wickets/three-pointers, enhanced security and better in-stadia connectivity will only improve the experience - without distracting from the most important factor of any sports fixture - the live action. 

The challenge for the stadium owners is having agile enough infrastructure to either upgrade or replace as the spectators' demands aren't being met. They cannot look at a five-year fix because the frequency in technological advances around connectivity means what is fit-for-purpose now will be out-of-date in a season or two. 

One of EISG's areas of growth over the last 12 months has been centred around supporting venues by providing consultants to help with digital/connectivity transformation programs. With the introduction of 5G across the major networks in the next 12 months, it seems like this will only continue to grow.