Gaming doesn't necessarily need new audiences - its appeal already reaches millions - but what is does need to do is engage with them. As a professional sport, esports is tasked with attracting those who play video games passively, as a hobby, and getting them interested in it as a competitive venture. The market is there to be tapped into.

So, how best do this? Well, attracting an internationally renowned athlete to both financially back an organisation, as well as put their face to it, isn't a bad way to go. Luminosity's addition of Super Bowl winning and current San Francisco 49er Richard Sherman ticks all the required boxes to successfully raise the organisation's profile.

What's different here, in comparison to other ambassadorial acquisitions, is Luminosity's exciting activation ideas. Sherman will not only be attending events, meaning fans of the NFL are likely to follow this, he'll also be hosting live-streamed gaming events against other athletes - let's face it, he probably has a contacts book quite unlike any other. 

As with any sponsorship, partnership or PR campaign, activation is crucial. Get it wrong and you've wasted a massive wad of cash and tarnished a few reputations along the way. Get it right, however, and in this instance the fans that Sherman has accrued over his years as a cornerback will turn their heads and begin making their way over to the esports market, continuing the sport's incredible success story.